It is my deepest conviction that children should be seen and heard as our most treasured assets.

Nelson Mandela

Seen and Heard Youth aims to amplify the voices of exceptional young people, particularly those who have faced challenges due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, physical or intellectual ability, mental illness, or socioeconomic status.

We want to hear your stories – your experiences of struggle, perseverance, resilience, and flourishing. We want to learn from your strength and courage, and we invite others to be inspired by your story as well. At Seen and Heard Youth, we seek to affirm each and every individual, celebrate diversity, and promote a community of inclusion.

About Us

Kathryn Hamrlik, PhD, is a mother, wife, educator, scholar, and dance mom. Professionally, she teaches high school students all about religion, ethics, and social justice. Kathryn lives with her husband, two kids, and two dogs in Atlanta, Georgia and they enjoy traveling, cooking, and adventures on their sailboat.

Kate T. Parker is a mother, wife, Ironman, former collegiate soccer player, professional photographer and New York Times best-selling author. Her books include Strong Is The New Pretty, Heart Of A Boy, and Play Like A Girl. Kate lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, two girls, and two (spoiled) Golden Retrievers.